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Mutual Aid Menstruation Relief.

If only we could social distance from our periods, amirite? In fact, we can not. Being without menstrual hygiene is no joke.

The global epidemic of COVID-19 is impacting the health and personal decision-making of people across the globe.  While most households are stocking up on non-perishable foods, people who menstruate have other concerns beyond toilet paper and produce.

Coast to Cascades Mutual Aid is here to help.

Are you struggling to secure menstruation hygiene products? Are you unable to get to the grocery store due to sickness, disability, fear, or other circumstances? Did you temporarily or permanently lose your job due to the coronavirus pandemic? We got you covered.

We’ve secured an enormous amount of pads, tampons, cups, underwear, and other hygiene items via donations from good people. We can also help you with contraception. How does it work? Easy.


Visit our new Hygiene Kit Page HERE, fill out the corresponding form, and we’ll mail them to you. It’s that simple.

Think of us as your period pal in the pandemic.

 ~Coast to Cascades

Mutual Aid for Menstrual Relief.

OR, CA, WA Pandemic Food Deliveries

Coast to  Cascades Mutual Aid has linked withseveral Oregon farms to bring CSA produce boxes to folks most impacted by #Covid19. It’s a huge relief for many. This hub is keeping local farmers working safely & lessens the amount of food wasted.

Join us! We need many more volunteers to cover the huge geographic area we’re supporting. 

Social Media Links

Several New Resources Available & Social Media Accounts – Connect with us!

Volunteer Packets have been updated! When you sign up to volunteer you’ll receive several tools to help you in your mutual aid effort with us, including door leaflets, hotlines, and health and safety agreements.

Twitter: @Coast2Cascades